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Why You Should Consider the Man Weave

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

No matter how you look at it, long luxurious hair has always been a symbol of virility and manliness and can go a long way in boosting male confidence. Whether you are looking to get longer, curlier, or more voluminous hair, there is an answer for you.

Many men simply know that one day all their beautiful hair will be gone. As time goes by, the anticipation of hair loss can fill the soul with dread and even cause men to panic as they see their hairline receding. Many men will accept this as a natural part of the aging process, but others can fall into depression and begin unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking.

Because we have become so accustomed to men losing their hair, balding seems like a natural and irreversible part of life and the idea of getting hair back is completely unnatural to us. But what if a complete turnaround was possible and you found out that getting your hair back is a possibility?

Believe it or not, this is happening. Today more than ever before men are arming up to the idea of a man weaving. There are many names for this procedure, some people call it the “Man Unit” or “Hair Unit.” But no matter what you choose to call it the fact remains that the man weave is here and offering many men a new lease on life. Over the past few years and decades, the man weave has exploded in popularity and it is no surprise that just about everyone is warming up to this brilliant new idea.

Why do men get man Weave?

The primary reason that many men will consider a man weave is because they will regain a measure of their youth and confidence. It is much like the feeling that women will get after receiving their own hair bundle in the mail. They feel fresher, more alive and even more beautiful — certainly more desirable. They soon see exactly what a full head of hair can do for their levels of confidence, and it is hard not to appreciate that.

But is this a somewhat controversial idea? It is true that there was a stigma about men using hairpieces, wigs,, and weaves in the past. But with the rapid swings that popular culture has taken, men and women everywhere are more appreciative of the advances in hairpieces for all types of needs. After seeing what a little attachment at the top of the head can do for confidence and morale, who wouldn’t appreciate such an improvement?

As a matter of personal opinion, most of us agree that men don’t actually need hair to be considered attractive. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for men to completely shave it all off and not lose an ounce of charm or attractiveness.

Nevertheless, this modern day and age is becoming far more focused on looks, and maintaining a sharp appearance is becoming more and more important.

Hair Weaves for Men

Hair systems and Hair weaves for men are a more popular commodity today than ever before and amount to a multi-billion-dollar industry. As weaves begin to look more and more natural and realistic, especially as they apply to people of different races and colors, this industry is sure to reach new heights and provide solutions to a greater number of people.

Today, the amount that can be done with a simple hair change. By today’s estimates, more than 2.5 billion dollars have been spent by people looking to improve their hair and more is to be expected in the upcoming years. The number of African/American and black people who spend this quantity of cash is also expected to rise. And it is not only the black community that is doing this, industry studies show that Caucasian, Asian and Hispanic men, and women are also looking for hair products to suit their needs.

Man weaves allow for extensive versatility in the types of designs and styles you can choose from. You can have braids, cornrows, dreadlocks as well as a great variety of curly, wavy or even straight hairstyles. Really, whatever you choose.

What is a Man Weave?

A man weave is also called a non-surgical hair replacement or a cranial prosthesis. This is a way to install hair on the head of a man who has lost his hair and wants to regain his looks easily. Many people go bald for several reasons. This could be genetic, but many people will choose these cranial prosthesis treatments because of hair loss due to certain cancer treatments.

How to Install a Man Weave

At this point, you may be wondering about how you would go about getting this type of treatment in the event you are losing your hair. You may also be wondering if it will remain undetected or if you will obviously be the guy wearing the weave. The first thing to know is that installation is a very simple process, but it is somewhat tedious.

A barber with a sharp eye for good style and subtlety is the best choice for a barber to apply a weave. It is truly a craft and art and scienceare. Weaves will have to be bonded with special hair glues and bonding agents. It is all part of the process and required to make that naturally beautiful look. You will be very happy to know that the glues and bonding agents applied to your hair will all look completely authentic and will not adversely affect your hair or scalp in any way.

The first thing that happens is that the barber defines the desired hairline. This involves using a marker to draw a line around the front of the hair. Then they can comb or cut the hair over the area of operation before they remove any excess hair that will not be needed.

The next step in the process is when the stylist will style the hair onto the head. This will involve cutting the hair to the desired shape and preparing the new hair for installation. The next thing to do will be to apply plenty of hair glue to the area with a brush that applies the right amount of glue to the scalp.

The stylist will use a hairdryer to dry the glue on the head and make sure that it has bonded to your hair properly. Then they will attach the glue to the head and arrange it flush with the marked lines they had drawn earlier. After this is done, they will dress and cut the hairpiece till it is a perfect fit, and then you will have a perfectly installed hair weave.

Man Weave Methods

Now that you know a bit about the man weave and how it is installed to the head, it should be noted that not all man weaves are the same and will all be styled a little differently. During the process of installation. There will be certain specifics that make your man weave tailor-made to your needs, like the shape of your head, your hair color, and the hairline. This is part of what can make a man-weave installation a tedious process.

The barber will then have to trim, cut, and style the hair to be perfectly suited to the clients. This is done so that the final product is as natural-looking as possible.

Man Weave Maintenance

After your man weave has been perfectly installed, which can take over 5 hours, you will need to be very careful with it. For one, you will not want it to absorb too much water. As much as possible you will want to protect it from the water when you get into the shower. You should also probably consider a du-rag covering when you go to sleep.

On average you will want to visit the barber about once a month to have it properly cared for.

Men’s Hair Styles of 2021

Men have been embracing their natural hair in 2021. Many men didn’t cut their hair, and instead, let it grow out. Some did the opposite and embraced cutting their hair short on their own. Here are the hairstyles men should try out in 2021:

  • Long Hair - Some men have grown out their hair and realize they look great in long hair. Some even realized they had curly hair or can grow their hair into an afro. We can help you style your newfound hairstyle and make sure it is staying healthy.

  • Medium-Length Hair - Some men have grown to prefer a slightly shorter length since it can be easier to maintain. This still allows them to keep the look and feel of long hair without some of the hassle.

  • Short-Length Hair - Haircuts like the buzzcut have been around for a long time. This and other short styles are great for easy maintenance and a classic look.

  • No Hair - A lot of men have decided to try out a bald look from the safety of their homes, and are now choosing to stick with their new favorite look!

No matter what your preferred style is, our team of expert barbers can help to enhance your style for any occasion.

Men’s Skin Care in 2021

During the lockdown, men have also taken an interest in maintaining the health of their skin. For those who want to ensure that their skin stays young and healthy, you can follow these tips:

· Wet your face with water

· Use a facial cleanser and lightly glide it over your face without harshly rubbing the skin

· Rinse out the cleanser with water

· Dry your face by tapping it with a towel — don’t ever rub your skin as it can cause acne

· Apply a moisturizing cream to your face to replace the natural oils you washed out

For further tips and a personal shave and facial scrub, visit our New York barbershop today!

Men’s Facial Hair Styles of 2022

Men have also let their facial hair grow to its full potential in the last year. Visit Dennis Barbershop for the right style for you, whether it’s time for a trim or a complete shave. In the meantime, here are some facial hairstyles that look great on a variety of men:

· Full-length Beards - A full beard can look great on men, but requires regular maintenance so that you don’t look too scruffy (unless that’s the look you’re going for).

· Medium-Length Beards - Some men look better in a beard that’s shorter than a long beard. These beards will require detailing and regular trimming to keep the proper shape and style.

· Short-Length Beards - Short beards, like stubble or a goatee, can look great and are easy to maintain.

· Clean Shave - You can’t go wrong with a clean shave. If you’ve had a full beard for years, a clean shave may shock people in just the right way!

Our barbers can offer you a great shave or beard trim that will fill you with confidence and bring out your best look.

A general introduction to man weave products with respect to definition, advantages, how to use, and lifespan, as well as why to get man weaves from New Times Hair.

Hair loss has never ceased to be a common thing, among guys especially. Not only does it cause an unwanted change to their appearance, but it also plays a part in undermining their self-esteem and confidence over time. That is why the number of guys seeking various hair loss solutions has been surging across the globe.

Among such solutions, a very innovative yet less known option is a favorable choice for guys interested in having a refreshing change-over. It is called man weave.

What Is a Man Weave

Like a hair wig or a hairpiece, a man weave is a non-surgical hair replacement or a cranial prosthesis unit worn by men suffering from hair loss to replace their lost hair. It is more commonly used by men with severe hair loss resulting from medical conditions. As opposed to hair wigs that offer complete coverage of the head, man weaves are typically utilized for partial coverage over the top and crown area of the head.

Why Choose a Man Weave

After knowing what a man weave is, you might wonder what the things are that made man weaves such a favorable option for guys to give a shot. Actually, there are a number of reasons accounting for its growing popularity.

Non-invasive: Unlike hair transplant surgeries with a certain amount of associated risks such as infection, scarring, and pain, man weaves bear basically zero side effects given they are completely non-surgical and medication-free.

Affordable: Men's weaves are known as one of the least costly options to recover hair loss, especially in comparison to a hair transplant. Nearly everyone would be able to afford them, even on a long-term basis. Generally speaking, one would spend less than USD $1000 on their man weaves annually.

Instant Change: Man weaves fulfill their use value as soon as they are put into use by instantly presenting the look wanted by the wearers! On the other hand, you would get timely feedback from the customers on your products and services, so any problem that might arise would be solved in the first place.

Aside from the three main points mentioned above, there are some other things about man weaves that can explain their extensive popularity, such as being very user-friendly and customizable. Attaching a man weave is a pretty effortless job to perform. And it is the same in the case of removal and maintenance.

How To Install a Man Weave

It is recommended to seek help from a professional hairstylist to perform the installation job if you have never done it before. Firstly, the stylist would need to shave your head and thoroughly clean the scalp with alcohol spray. Next, he is going to apply either tape or glue or a combination of both to the man weave base, depending on the base material and base structure. One thing you may want to know is that glue goes better with skin material than it does with lace material. At the same time, tape usually works well for all types of the base material. Then comes the attachment process. The stylist needs to carefully and accurately place the man weave on your scalp and make sure it is fully kept in place. After it is done, the man weave should appear very natural and realistic with its hair naturally blended with your own hair.

How Long Does a Man Weave Last

How long a man weave lasts depends on a wide variety of factors, such as base material, base structure, hair type, manufacturer, as well as how well they are taken care of. Out of all the factors, base material plays the most predominant role in the lifespan of man weaves as certain kinds of the base material are more resistant to damage and wearing than others. Generally speaking, most man weaves on the market have a lifespan of about 3 months.

On the other hand, the quality and lifespan can vary considerably depending on whether they are produced by the right man-weave manufacturers. The classy ones are likely to outlast their expected lifespan if they are produced in alignment with stringent quality control procedures with top-grade materials. So for man weave sellers and salons, it is critical to partner with the right manufacturers that can offer high-quality man weaves to continuously thrive in their businesses.

You want to know “how long does a man weave last”, right?

Well, the quick answer is man weave units last from 3 - 6 weeks on average for short-term options and up to 12 months for long-term options.

There is more detail about how long you can make them last and which type you should choose for long-lasting good looks.

We’ll get into the details in this article about this exciting option in Black men's hair care and you’ll know EXACTLY which type of hair unit will have you looking the best for the longest amount of time.

Man weaves, more formally known in the medical world as cranial prosthesis, are a hair replacement unit using a nonsurgical procedure to help men who've lost their natural hair — be it through just balding or thinning, cancer treatments, or alopecia. It helps men “regain" the look they loved with hair again.

Man weaves are designed for nearly all hair types, including Afro-textured Black men hair transplants, Caucasian, Latino, and various other ethnicities.

And over the last 2-to-5 years, these hair units have been blowing up in popularity. In most cases, man weave units are 100 percent human hair, although some units are blended with synthetic hair. Don't think of them as fake hair, better to say, “alternative hair”.


How Long Does a Short-Term Man Weave Unit Last?

The short-term man weave units last from approximately 3 - 6 weeks and the duration of long-term units can tick up to a year’s time.

You should never expect short-term man-weave units to last for anything close to a year, they are meant to be very temporary. The short-term units need to be completely replaced every 21-42 days.

Some installers also offer a frontal unit that lasts 1–2 months which can cost between $200-300. This last option is recommended for clients who only need to bring their shape up down.

You can expect about 1 year’s duration. With long-term man weaves you can take them off, wash and reuse them to make them last. They are reusable and durable so depending on how often you wear it, they could last longer.

For long-term man weave units, the longevity is heavily impacted by how well you take care of the man weave unit, they require regular upkeep maintenance which will add to the overall cost.

Man weave maintenance consists of getting a regular haircut and edge-up every 2-4 weeks and a removal-reattachment procedure every 60-90 days.

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