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Man Weave Chicago

If you are based in Chicago and searching for "man weave near me" or "man weave unit near me", You are in the right place. Man Weave Meechi is the man weave store in Chicago. Offers non-surgical men's hair unit for hair fall solution.



What I Have to Offer

Located in Chicago's south suburbs area. Manweave Meechi is your local man-weave shop near you. Providing all kinds of modern and innovative name weave services in the hair-care for man weaves. Having worked in hair care and hair design for years, I have experience with all types of hair.

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Why Choose Men Weave Meechi?

Men Weave Meechi offers non-surgical man hair replacement services by the men's hair units in Chicago. Meechi is a man weave expert with 25 years (+) of experience. After our man hair unit installation, no one can understand that there was a hair loss problem ever. These hair units are made with human hair, so it looks natural. 

We provide all types of men's hair loss solutions including those who are dealing with alopecia, cancer, or male pattern baldness

  • Non - Surgical Hair Replacement Services

  • Long-lasting Men Hair Units

  • Made with Human Hair

  • Restore natural look in full head

  • Applicable for all hair textures and ethnicities

  • Affordable 

All Videos

All Videos

Watch Man Weave Units Videos by Meechi

Watch Videos of the Man Hair Unit installation by Meechi. After and before the results of men hair.

Man Weave Near You by Meechi

The man weave is a hair loss solution designed to replace hair loss through blending, thinning, alopecia, or other hair loss conditions. Also, known as man weave units or man weave systems, man weaves are made from human hair and can be customized to the lifestyle of each man or women ideas.


man weave system

manweave manunit 2 to 3 months

manweave | man unit 2 to 3 months

Man weave

man weave hair system

What is a custom man unit? A custom man unit is known as a man weave or hair unit for men and women.


3232 ridge road suites 4 Lansing il 60438, Chicago

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