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How Long Does A Man Weave Last? (From Experience)

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Manweave 4 to 6 month

Man, weaves are becoming quite popular these days. People do not consider it a hair extension now, rather a complete hair system. Now people are more concerned about how long does a man weave last.

The duration of man weave heavily depends on your grooming habits. One should usually last for 3-4 months, but you can easily double that duration through careful maintenance.

Most people would love to have their hair back, but they don’t consider weaves because of a fear of maintenance. It may seem like too much work, but it is easier to maintain than you’d think. To rid you of your worries, I’m going to share my experience about man weave duration and maintenance in this article.

How Long Will A Man Weave Last?

Man, weaves tend to last at least a few months at a time. It is usually better to make a trip to the parlor after that. You can tell when it is time to get a new weave by physical signs. I know a lot of people who leave their weave on far longer than they should because they don’t know when they should be removing them.

Even different stylists have different opinions on the subject of reapplying. The best time for renewing a weave depends on a lot of factors. So, I can only give you tips that have worked for me. In the early days, I used to keep my weaves on for more than 9 or 10 weeks at a time. Then I’d have to wash my head for a long time to get everything to reset.

I have a short cornrows vibe going on right now. I renew it around every 6-7 weeks. You can even roughly go for the 3-month mark. But following someone else’s schedule is not the best idea. Different people have different scalp profiles and habits. What works for me might not necessarily work for you.

Instead of waiting a set amount of time before redoing your weave, I say you go with the feeling. Your hair knows when it needs pampering, so pay attention to its condition.

If it starts itching slightly for a week straight, that might be a sign to get it changed. You should also do the same if the hair stays dry even after moisturizing. These signs are very consistent for most people. So, you can find your sweet spot after going through the motions a few times. Then you would end up with a personalized schedule.

How to Maintain A Man Weave for Logner Lasting?

Applying a man weave takes about a few hours at best. Now, the duration of a man weave depends mostly on your maintenance style. Everyone can’t go to the salon regularly, so knowing the maintenance tips is vital for us. I still make it a habit to visit the man weave near me. A professional touch is always welcome.

Here are some of the more important tips for keeping your weave in top condition:

1. Washing

Every type of weave has its restrictions when it comes to cleaning. Some weaves will be fine even if you wash them directly, while some might come loose from excessive sweat. But cleaning them is still essential to maintain their condition.

You can bathe and wash long-term weaves normally. But avoid using rough shampoo while doing so. You should also use a hair conditioner on it after every wash. That will help you maintain an acceptable moisture level. The main risk of not washing them is the build-up of oil.

Conditioning the weave before brushing will help prevent tangles. That is very helpful for curly hair, as they do tend to tangle a lot. Even my shorter cornrow needs conditioning from time to time. However, it would be best if you talk to your stylist for short-term weaves. Some of them have very specific upkeep conditions.

2. Drying

Drying a man weave is a delicate process. You can’t be rough with it during this process. Also, hair dryers generally do not go well with weaves. So, avoid using them if you can. Unfortunately, man weaves are not like removable hair extensions you see some girls use. You can’t dry them on a mannequin-like they do.

I always recommend drying man weaves in the air after patting them down with a soft towel.

3. Brushing And Grooming

Folks often hesitate about brushing their weave. The new hair usually feels a bit odd the first time. But the strange feeling should wear off in a few days. That is usually when people make their first mistake. These weaves may not be fragile, but they still need a level of care when brushing.

To avoid damaging your weave, always brush gently. If your weave is long or dreadlocks, try to use soft brushes. Start from the base and work your way up as slowly as you can. Brushing after using a conditioner can help make the process smoother.

Looking For A Place To Do Your Man Wave?

If you are looking for a good place to get a man weave, try the Man Weave Chicago. You can get lace man weave and a lot of other designs. These weaves would last for roughly 3 to 4 months. This kind of long-term hair unit is perfect for folks that do not want to redo them too often.

We also offer various other grooming options. You come by for a quick wash to readjust your weave. There’s also a reapplying option. That one can extend the duration of your weave for a couple of months. So, stop by our barber shop today or contact us to make a reservation.


Now that you know how long does a man weave lasts, I want to end with a note of caution. The removal process of a man weave is very messy. It is far more complex than removing regular hair extensions.

So, I suggest always visiting your hairstylist to get that done.

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